Rabbit Control
Rabbit Control
Rabbit Control
Rabbit Control


The control methods we use are safe and humane, we will discuss and agree the most suitable methods with you. We are fully insured for liability up to £10 million with the British Assocciation for Shooting & Conservation. We have 60 years experience in Pest control and safety is our greatest consideration


We are able to offer our services with no cost to you. We are able to do this as we control rabbits for you on a recreational basis and we have an excellent outlet for culled Rabbits & Pigeons. The revenue from these sales covers our costs and we pass that benefit on to you.

We cover County Durham, Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Northumberland and Lancashire



In addition to Pest Control we work as Gamekeepers on our own semi-commercial shoot and we own a Mail Order Shooting Supplies business. We have been involved in Shooting Sports on a commercial basis for over 30 years and have an excellent reputation. We are based rurally at Bowes in Teesdale & can provide references if required.

Pennine Pest Control - Our Services:

Rabbit Control: 

We control rabbits after agreeing with you the most appropriate methods. We can offer a selection of control methods including silenced rifle, air rifle, shotgun, longnet, ferretting or snaring. After culling we remove all carcases from your site and they are passed to a Game Dealer who processes them into the food chain so there is no wastage. We make no charge for rabbit control over farmland.

Pigeon & Crow Control: 

We  will respond to your needs to control Pigeons, Rooks, Jackdaws and Crows that may be threatening your crops. Control methods are generally with the shotgun but we will, of course, discuss this with you and agree a course of action. We make no charge for Pigeon, Rook, Jackdaw and Crow Control.

Goose Management:

Geese are increasingly becoming a threat to farm and amenity land with the consequential need to control and deter them. With nearly 50 years experience in wildfowling Goose Management is an area we specialise in and we will assist you with this in a sympathetic manner that protects your crops whilst minimising the impact on the wild goose population. We make not charge for this service and we will be happy to discuss Goose Management with you.

Deer Management:

Deer, particularly Roe Deer, have increased dramatically in numbers and are an agricultural and forest pest causing a great deal of damage to growing crops and forestry. We are vastly experienced in controlling Deer to a manageable level within in our own block of forestry and are frequently called upon to remove problem deer from farm and amenity land. We make no charge for this Deer Control Services and all animals are culled humanely and utilised in the food chain.


Rabbit Control
  • We also pay for your shooting!

As well as our Pest Control Services we run a semi-commercial shoot and we are always looking to extend the area over which we hold shooting rights. We are always looking to lease Wetland Area's, Ponds, Lakes, feeding fields, flighlines and floodwater over which wildfowl can be managed and shot. We are also looking to lease Woodland, Rough Ground and other land with the potential for "Walked Up" Shooting and Game Shooting. We work with landowners so we can manage and develop shooting potential sympathetically so that it works in with your farming practicies. We have a huge amount of experience in Game and Shoot Management and having a well run shoot on land is an assett that will raise it's value. 

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